Make Better Decisions: Thinkmeter

My friend Dan F and I have been working to start a new business these days (Blue Shift Lab). One of our shared interests – we met through working in the GroupLens research lab – is in the area of decision-making.  How can software help us to make better decisions, or to be happier with the decisions that we do make?  How can we facilitate decision-making where everyone (even the quiet people) have a voice?

We’ve started a blog to discuss the topics of decision-making and brainstorming. It’s at If you read this blog, please subscribe! We’re going to do our best to start a lively discussion that crosses academic though, business insights, and fun.

One more time: please subscribe to the thinkmeter blog!

Also, you can try the preview release of our new decision-making tool, Thinkmeter.  Let me know what you think!


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