Pizza Lucé + Laptop Stand

I use a laptop as my primary development machine, with a nice external monitor to keep things ergonomically feasible. It was bugging me that the two monitors weren’t horizontally aligned, so I started shopping for a laptop stand. However, the coolest thing that I found was this post:

This inspired me to build the Pizza Luce laptop stand. I just winged it, but it only took about an hour.

pizza luce computer stand

A couple of “improvements” on the original:

  • Triple up on the structural cardboard
  • Add a V-shaped cross-brace for additional lateral stability
  • Use Pizza Luce pizza boxes to represent the ‘hood



One thought on “Pizza Lucé + Laptop Stand

  1. Awesome! Have to try that myself.

    Also glad to see I’m not the only one using CS texts to prop up my monitor.

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