I Have Subjected Myself to the Mercy of Pagerank

Last week, I wrote an introduction to the talk I’m going to give at CHI. It’s about the creation of archival quality knowledge in the world through social discourse in Q&A sites.

The intro that I wrote depends on Google search results. Before an interaction, there were no good search results; after the interaction the results had greatly improved. In particular, I’m using an example from Ask Metafilter where I wish to learn about the search string fix hydraulic chair. When I wrote the intro, Google search results looked like this (the relevant link appears third in the list):

Original Google search results, from last week

Original Google search results, from last week. The third hit (indented) is the link of interest for the purposes of my talk.

Today, Google doesn’t have any results for the queries fix hydraulic chair, fix hydraulic chair site:metafilter.com or even fix hydraulic chair pneumatic cylinder site:metafilter.com.  Where have you gone, my precious example? (I note that Yahoo lists it as the top hit, but nobody I know uses Yahoo search.)

I think I’m going to persist with my example – it’s too much work to revisit the entire intro simply because some quirk of PageRank has determined that this post is in fact not worth indexing. Perhaps my link in this post will restore it to its former glory?


2 thoughts on “I Have Subjected Myself to the Mercy of Pagerank

  1. What’s funny is that if you google “fix hydraulic chair”, this blog post now show’s up in google as the 5th result. I guess wordpress has good SEO!

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