Don’t Use Endnote

Do you use Endnote for your references?  I appeal to you to switch to a different system.  Endnote, (owned by Thompson-Reuters), is suing the Academic researchers at George Mason University who wrote Zotero, a free and open source bibliography manager plugin for firefox.

The act of a large corporation suing academics who are creating high quality free software is just plain evil.  Don’t use Endnote.  Tell your friends to stop using Endnote.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Use Endnote

  1. I don’t think Zotero will be closed down. Worst case, they’ll lose the ability to automatically work with endnote citations.

    Personally, I use But, I don’t need “deep” word integration, just ways of organizing references.

  2. Oh, and I know people who use RefWorks. Not sure how it stacks up against Endnote, but I think they’re competitors in the non-free citation manager market.

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